All TEANA members are eligible to serve on TEANA Committees. TEANA Committee work is an excellent way to network and learn with fellow members, AND give back to the expediting community.

Join a committee today!
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Participation Is Easy!

  • No travel or cost – all meetings are via toll free teleconference line
  • Most committees meet (via teleconference) monthly for approximate one hour discussion.
  • Participation in every call is encouraged, but not required (We understand that personal and professional conflicts will occur).   For your convenience, minutes are distributed after each call to keep you in the loop on discussions and plans.

Your Participation Helps TEANA and the Industry!

  • Committee work is the vehicle for TEANA to carry out its mission.  

Your Participation Helps YOU! 

  • Committee members benefit from the opportunity to network with peers and colleagues via monthly conference calls and cooperative projects.    Through their involvement, committee members learn about new resources and gain new insights that they can apply to their companies.   
  • Committee members are recognized for volunteering time and expertise to help TEANA. Involvement at the committee level is encouraged to be eligible to run for a Board position.  

You can participate in more than one committee; meetings are not held at the same time. To sign up, e-mail your committee(s) of choice to [email protected] or fill out the committee sign up form and send it in to us today! 


Legislative/Regulatory Committee

Steve Sample, Chair Tyme-It Transportation, Inc. 
Hank Seaton, Advisor Seaton & Husk
Dan Boaz, President
Rich Bren Commercial Insurance Solutions 
Gary Dietsch Load One
Scott Flint Square One Transportation & Logistics
Scott Fulkerson Barrett Directline
Chuck King Bolt Express
Dave Large Bolt Express
Robin Martin Premium Transportation Logistics
Charles McLanis Universal Traffic Service
Mike Mitchell Bolt Express
Bob Poulos V3 Transportation
Irwin Shires Panther Premium
Rhonda Royal  Royal Courier Inc
Jim Tropf  Tenpoint Expediting Services 



Member Services Committee

Bob Poulus, Chair V3 Transportation
Andrew Gallegos  Great Lakes Insurance Partners 
Adam Huber  A. Blair Enterprises 
Kim Johnson Carboro Carrier Group
Walter Kaszycki A&B Logistics 
Brandon Squier All-State Express 
Jim Tropf Tenpoint Expediting
Chris White  DTH Expediters Inc 



Social Committee/Annual Conference Planning

Mike Johnson, Chair Load One, LLC 
Dan Boaz, President
Vanessa Cardinal  Load One, LLC
Adam Huber  A. Blair Enterprises 
Igor Komisarchik DKP Express 
Mike Lovisa PIVA
Rhonda Royal  Royal Courier Inc
John Schumacher Ace Logistics 
Vlad Skots  USKO Express, Inc
Diana Squier All-State Express
Sarah Stewart TranStewart
Samantha Voorhees  Eveready Express
David Wojkiewicz Try Hours 


Sponsorship Committee

Rhonda Royal, Chair Royal Courier Inc.
Dan Boaz, President
Mike Johnson, VP Load One, LLC
Chuck King Bolt Express
Greg Nutter  Active on Demand 
Mike Pettrey C&M Transport