TEANA’s Legislative actions began in 2011 when TEANA formed a Legislative Committee and hired Hank Seaton to be an advisor to the Committee and Board on all Legislative Issues affecting the Expediting Industry. TEANA Legislative Committee members work hard to keep TEANA members updated with the latest legislative news, issues, and bills in the expediting industry. 

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2016 TEANA Legislative Committee Accomplishments

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TEANA's Legislative Committee had a brief discussion of drivers unable to enter Canada due to prior arrests.  Below is information on the website where you can obtain additional information on the US Waiver for Canada.  Your drivers can apply for this waiver and perhaps be allowed to enter into Canada upon review.


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CSA - Past, Present, Futue Webinar Hosted by Irwin Shires

The Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) safety scoring system continues to cause confusion and controversy more than 5 years after its initial release. Many carriers are still coming to grips with the scoring system and the effect it has on their fleets, and their ability to attract new business.

Get a real understanding of what CSA is, how it affects you, and where it is going with “CSA—Past, Present, and Future.”

Hosted by Irwin Shires, 25-year veteran of the transportation industry and a member of TEANA’s legislative committee, this presentation shows everyone how the CSA BASIC scores are compiled, how to “drill down” through the FMCSA website to find the crucial data you need to see how your score compares, and will update the very latest news on legislative efforts to get the scores hidden from public view.

You can view the webinar here.

Legislative Updates

Thank you to Irwin Shires of Panther Premium who has had a great influence on Congressman Gibbs!
Gibbs Introduces Bill to Enhance Truck Safety Records



 What We've Accomplished So Far:

  • The FMCSA entered a settlement in NASTC et al. v. FMCSA, affirming its regulatory duty to certify carriers as safe to operate on the nation's roadways. As a result of the settlement, the Agency changed its website disclaimer and removed the term "Alert" with respect to any of the reported BASICs.
  • The FMCSA agreed to affirm its duty to certify safety under existing statutes.
  • The reader was directed away from SafeStat to Licensing & Insurance to determine carrier's fitness for use.
  • Unfortunately, since the settlement, 55% of the shippers still express concern about SMS methodology and the Agency has, in an unabated fashion, suggested that shippers should use percentile rankings in assessing their unspecified risk.

What We Hope to Accomplish: 

  • To require the FMCSA to redact publication of CSA 2010 methodology pending rulemaking or to otherwise affirm that data cannot be used in a court of law to establish vicarious liability and that shippers and brokers may rely upon Agency's current fitness determination of satisfactory, unsatisfactory or unrated (which is equivalent to satisfactory).
  • To reestablish primacy of FMCSA for certifying safety, including preemption of state law.
  • To affirm and encourage enforcement of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations consistent with due process.
  • To ensure that motor carriers authorized by the FMCSA fulfill their non-delegable safety duties under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • To affirm the FMCSA's duty to determine carrier safety fitness for use by the shipping and traveling public.
  • To affirm that shippers and brokers can rely upon the Agency's ultimate fitness determination without exposure to vicarious liability, negligent hiring or negligent selection when the carrier selected has been certified by the Agency for use.
  • To affirm and encourage the National Transportation Policy and the promotion of safety, competition, and efficiency in truck transportation. 

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