Code of Ethics


TEANA’s code of ethics will guide members in the conduct of their businesses, encouraging the membership to adhere to Association policy. Enhancements can certainly be made to the Code as new situations arise. Oversight of ethical compliance will be a responsibility of the Membership Committee.

The Initial Core Principles for TEANA’s Code of Ethics:

  • Pay all invoices in a timely fashion.
  • No direct back solicitation.
  • As part of the membership application process, each prospective TEANA member must sign a pledge to adhere to the Association’s Code of Ethics. Those who refuse to sign are not permitted to join.

Pledging to adhere to this Code will be part of the annual dues notification. Those who refuse to sign are declined the opportunity to renew their membership.

Those members who are found in violation of this Code may be subject to having their memberships revoked.


The General Tenets for TEANA's Code of Ethics are as follows:

  • To abide by all federal, province, and state laws and regulations that govern expediting in the transportation industry and conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards.
  • To provide customers with the highest degree of professional courtesy and to disseminate only information known to be accurate and correct.
  • To fully define and disclose all terms and conditions of the expediting agreement presented to the customer. We further pledge to abide by them.
  • To practice, in the conduct of our business, the highest ethical standards by creating an environment of honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility.

As a membership benefit, TEANA members can file another claim against another member if they are not following the Code of Ethics. Most claims are resolved right away.

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