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When Coldplay announced their “Music Of The Spheres” Tour in 2021, they committed to a bold goal: reducing their direct carbon emissions by at least 50% compared to their previous stadium tour. Today, they proudly report that they've surpassed this goal, achieving a 59% reduction in direct CO2e emissions over the first two years of the tour, verified by the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative.


Meet our newest Member Spotlight! We proudly introduce long-time TEANA Member Ascent Global Logistics in our Member Spotlight. Ascent has contributed extensively to the expediting industry and beyond. Take a peek into their business and charitable endeavors which makes them a valued partner in the Expedited Trucking & Logistics Industry.


As we gear up to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Expedite Association of North America, we can't help but reflect on the incredible journey that has brought us to this milestone. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Nashville, this year's anniversary event promises to be a memorable occasion filled with innovation, collaboration, and a celebration of excellence.


Congratulations to this well-deserving group of winners! In the world of logistics, recognizing excellence is key to driving innovation and success. This year, the Expedite Association (TEANA) has honored three exceptional companies with the prestigious Company of the Year Award. These winners have demonstrated exceptional dedication, performance, and commitment to excellence in the logistics ...


Who will be 2023 Company of the Year? As we approach TEANA's 20th Anniversary Conference in Nashville, TN, the excitement is building for the highly anticipated announcement of the 2023 Member of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes excellence and innovation in the expedited trucking and logistics industry and is chosen by the votes of TEANA members. The recipient company will be selected ...


Sunny Networking in Winter: TEANA's Key West Meeting Experience
Key West is a tropical paradise known for its sunny weather and vibrant atmosphere, making it the perfect destination for TEANA's Winter Networking Meeting. From exciting themed events to insightful speakers, the Key West meeting provided a unique opportunity for industry professionals to network and have fun in the sun.


As we enter a new era of innovation and cutting-edge technology, we review what we may expect with expediting in the supply chain during 2024. In today's fast-paced world, the efficiency and speed of supply chains have become more critical than ever before. The use of expedited services in supply chains has emerged as a key factor in meeting the demands of consumers and ensuring seamless ...


In the fast-paced world of trucking and logistics, dispatching can often be a high-stress job. The pressure to coordinate deliveries, manage schedules, and communicate effectively can take a toll on even the most experienced professionals. But dispatching doesn't have to be a source of stress. By implementing practical tips and strategies, it's possible to navigate the demands of the job with ease ...