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Winners of TEANA's 2022 Company of the Year Award

Congratulations to this well-deserving group of 2022 winners!
1st Place - Armada Logistics
2nd Place - C&M Transport
3rd Place - BH Xpress

Honoring TEANA's Top Companies

By: Rhonda Schroeder | AVANTI PR

The Expedite Association's Company of the Year Award stands as a beacon of excellence within the logistics sector, spotlighting firms that surpass expectations through innovative practices, stellar performance, and unwavering dedication to their clientele. This year's accolades were bestowed upon Armada Logistics, C&M Transport, and BH Xpress, each distinguished for their remarkable contributions to the logistics landscape. These companies have not only excelled in their operational capabilities but have also showcased a profound commitment to enhancing service quality and fostering advancements within the industry. As we spotlight these leading entities, their achievements underscore the dynamic nature of logistics and the pivotal role of exceptional service delivery in facilitating industry growth and efficiency. Their recognition is a testament to the enduring pursuit of excellence that defines the very essence of TEANA's mission.

Spotlight on Armada Logistics: The 1st Place Victor


L to R: Walter Kaszycki, TEANA President, Cory Swartz, Armada Logistics, 1st Place

Elevating the standards of logistics through innovative solutions and unparalleled service, Armada Logistics has emerged as the leading force in the 2022 TEANA Company of the Year Award. Their ascent to the pinnacle of logistics excellence is a journey marked by relentless dedication and a visionary approach to solving complex transportation and supply chain challenges. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Armada Logistics has not only met but exceeded industry expectations, solidifying its position as a beacon of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

The accolade from TEANA serves as a mirror reflecting Armada Logistics' unwavering commitment to quality and its ability to adapt and thrive amidst the ever-evolving dynamics of global logistics. Their strategic initiatives and proactive customer engagement strategies have been instrumental in crafting tailored solutions that address specific logistical needs, thereby setting a new benchmark for service delivery. It's this blend of innovation, agility, and customer-centricity has propelled Armada Logistics to the forefront of the logistics sector, earning them the top spot in a competitive arena. Their success story is a testament to the power of integrating advanced technology with a deep understanding of client needs, driving the future of logistics toward brighter horizons.

C&M Transport Takes 2nd Place

C&M Transport, clinching 2nd Place in this year's TEANA Company of the Year Award, embodies the spirit of excellence that is critical in the logistics field. Their journey to the podium is a narrative of commitment, showcasing an unyielding dedication to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their transportation solutions. With a firm grasp on the pulse of the industry's needs, C&M Transport has distinguished itself through a consistent application of innovative strategies and a customer-first approach. This ethos has not only earned them the trust and loyalty of their clientele but also the respect of their peers within the logistics community. Their achievement in securing second place underscores the significant impact that dedication to quality services and operational efficiency can have in setting a company apart in the competitive landscape of logistics. C&M Transport's story is one of perseverance, strategic growth, and a steadfast focus on exceeding the expectations set before them, marking them as a deserving recipient of this prestigious accolade.

Insights from BH Xpress, TEANA's 3rd Place Winner

BH Xpress has carved its niche within the logistics landscape, securing the third-place spot in this year's TEANA Company of the Year Award. This recognition illuminates BH Xpress's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of expedited shipping and logistics services. Their approach, characterized by a relentless pursuit of efficiency, speed, and the utmost reliability, underscores their key role in redefining industry standards. The strategic incorporation of advanced technology and a keen focus on customer-centric solutions have been pivotal in their ability to meet and exceed the evolving demands of the logistics sector. BH Xpress's ethos of innovation and quality service delivery has not only propelled them to notable success but has also positioned them as a prime example of how dedication and forward-thinking can lead to remarkable achievements in the competitive field of logistics. Their acknowledgment by TEANA celebrates the hard work, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence that BH Xpress embodies, highlighting their significant contribution to setting new benchmarks for service and operational efficiency in the industry.

Celebrating Excellence Across the Expedite Industry

As we honor the achievements of TEANA's Company of the Year winners, we shine a light on the broader legacy of leadership and innovation these firms have contributed to the expedited industry. The recognition of Armada Logistics, C&M Transport, and BH Xpress underscores the pivotal role that excellence in service, forward-thinking strategies, and customer satisfaction play in the advancement of logistics. These companies have set new benchmarks for success, elevating the standards for all within the sector. Their accomplishments reflect not only their commitments to surpassing expectations but also the collective progress of the logistics industry. By prioritizing innovation, efficiency, and the relentless pursuit of quality, they exemplify what it means to lead in a competitive and ever-changing landscape. This accolade from TEANA is more than just a testament to their past successes; it's an encouragement for continuous improvement and a beacon for aspiring logistics firms aiming for excellence. As we acknowledge their significant contributions, let's also look forward to the innovative solutions and advancements these winners will undoubtedly bring to the logistics field in the years to come. Their stories of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication inspire us all to aim higher and push the boundaries of what's possible in the expedite industry. Here's to celebrating not just the achievements of today but the potential for even greater successes in the future of logistics.