TEANA Winter Networking Meeting ReCap

TEANA Members in Key West 2024
DTH Expeditors


Savoring Winter Sun in Key West

While the chill of winter touched many parts of the country, TEANA members basked in the glorious warmth of Key West's sun. The island's allure, with its gentle ocean breezes and the serene sway of palm trees, provided an idyllic setting for both professional growth and leisurely reprieve. Imagine exchanging business cards under the shade of a palm, or discussing industry innovations with the sound of gentle waves in the background. The winter meeting wasn't just about escaping the cold; it was about embracing the vibrant energy of Key West. This sunny haven turned into a networking paradise, where every handshake was accompanied by a smile and the shared appreciation for the sunny escape. In Key West, the warmth went beyond the weather; it was in every interaction, every new connection. This unique blend of business and pleasure ensured that while the focus was on networking, the spirit was all about savoring every sunlit moment.

Rolling the Dice at Casino Night

The Casino Night, a sparkling event sponsored by DTH Expeditors, unfolded at the Hyatt Centric Key West, turning the evening into a thrilling affair of luck and laughter. Members from all corners of the country gathered, eager to test their fortunes across tables of blackjack, roulette, and poker. It wasn't just about the games; it was about the energy, the vibrant conversations, and the playful challenges that sprung up among peers. The clink of chips and the shuffle of cards became the night's melody, weaving together a tapestry of new connections and fond memories. As attendees placed their bets and cheered each other on, the atmosphere buzzed with a unique blend of competition and camaraderie. Casino Night proved to be more than just a game of chance—it was an inventive way for TEANA members to bond, share laughs, and build relationships.

Breakfast with a View at BelMare Restaurant

As the sun greeted us with its warm embrace, TEANA members gathered at the BelMare Restaurant for a morning feast that was as nourishing for the soul as it was for the body. Sponsored by Thompson Emergency, this breakfast meeting wasn't just about the delicious food on our plates; it was about the stunning harbor views that painted a serene backdrop to our discussions and insightful speakers. It was a setting that inspired, a perfect blend of natural beauty and professional camaraderie. The tranquil waters and the soothing horizon served as a reminder of the possibilities that lay ahead, fueling our enthusiasm for the day’s events.

Insights and Inspirations from Our Speakers

The speakers at the TEANA Winter Networking Meeting informed us with a diverse array of insights and inspirations, turning each presentation into a fountain of knowledge. It was an engaging journey through the minds of seasoned professionals and visionary leaders, each bringing their unique perspective to the fore. They not only shared their expertise but also encouraged open dialogues, creating an enriching environment for learning and growth. This segment of the meeting was a testament to the power of shared knowledge, proving that when bright minds come together, the potential for inspiration is boundless. Attendees left our session equipped with new ideas, strategies, and a renewed zest for their professional journeys, all thanks to the wisdom imparted by our speakers.

Splashing Fun at the Pool Party

The pool party, generously sponsored by Rydex Freight Systems, emerged as a refreshing oasis of relaxation and networking under Key West's radiant sun. The rhythmic beats of summer anthems set the tone, inviting everyone to let loose and revel in the moment. It wasn't merely a pause from the hustle of professional exchanges; it was an immersive experience where laughter echoed above the splash of water and clinking glasses. This festive gathering by the poolside cultivated an ambiance where connections flowed as smoothly as the cool beverages served. Participants found themselves engaged in light-hearted chats, sharing stories and interests beyond the confines of the industry, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Through the lens of fun and festivity, the pool party illustrated the vibrant spirit of the TEANA meeting, encapsulating moments of unwinding and enjoyment amidst insightful professional engagement.

Exploring Key West with a Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt in downtown Key West was a highlight, offering a playful and engaging way for TEANA members to discover the island's hidden gems. Equipped with a list of clues and challenges, teams navigated through the vibrant streets, uncovering the historical and cultural nuances that make Key West so enchanting. This activity wasn't just a race to the finish line but a journey filled with laughter, teamwork, and the joy of exploration. From iconic landmarks to quaint local spots, each clue led to a new discovery, encouraging members to engage with the environment and each other in a refreshingly interactive manner. The Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Tyme It, proved to be an inventive way to blend the beauty of Key West with the spirit of camaraderie and adventure that defines TEANA meetings, creating memories that extend beyond the confines of traditional networking.

Unleashing Talent at Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night, a joyously anticipated part of our Key West gathering, truly turned up the volume on fun. Thanks to the generosity of Square One Transport, attendees found themselves stepping into the spotlight, microphones in hand, ready to dazzle with their vocal talents. It wasn't just about hitting the right notes; it was about the laughter, the applause, and the shared joy that filled the room. From seasoned singers belting out power ballads to first-timers shyly approaching the mic, the stage welcomed all with open arms. The repertoire ranged from classic hits that had everyone singing along, to surprising renditions that revealed hidden talents among our members. Each performance, whether solo or group, brought a new wave of excitement and camaraderie to the evening. Between songs, members chatted and connected, finding common ground in musical tastes and memorable performances. The infectious enthusiasm of Karaoke Night not only showcased the diversity and talent within TEANA but also underscored the vibrant, supportive community we've cultivated. It was a perfect harmony of professional networking and personal enjoyment, highlighting the fun and friendships that flourish alongside business relationships at our meetings.

Farewell Breakfast and Parting Thoughts

The closing moments of TEANA's vibrant Key West meeting were marked by a heartwarming farewell breakfast, thoughtfully sponsored by VIP Logistics. As the gentle Florida sun streamed through the windows, it was hard not to feel a mix of gratitude and nostalgia. Members gathered around tables laden with breakfast favorites, sharing stories and laughter, reminiscing about the unforgettable experiences of the past days. This meal was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of new friendships forged and old ones strengthened, a testament to the power of coming together with a shared purpose.

It was a poignant reminder of how the meeting had not only been a forum for professional networking but also a space for building genuine relationships. The atmosphere was imbued with a sense of community and the collective anticipation for the next TEANA event.

Attendees were presented with a specially curated Gift Box, graciously sponsored by Fyda Freightliner, serving as a tangible reminder of the Key West experience. Additionally, the Lanyards provided by Great Lakes Insurance became a symbol of our shared experiences and the professional unity fostered during our time together.

With hearts full and spirits high, we bid farewell to Key West, carrying with us not just business cards and sun burns, but memories and connections that promise to enrich our professional and personal lives long after. This meeting, set against the backdrop of a winter paradise, had truly exceeded expectations, leaving us all eager for the next opportunity to come together under the TEANA banner.



L to R: Adam Scurali, Expeditus, Brian Bartsch, EQS Logistics, Frank Lucresi, EQS Logistics, Dan Boaz, Airfreight.com. Photo by Rhonda Schroeder